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"I remained breathless so as not to upset the fragile precariousness of her remaining on my hand. I knew with only the slightest excuse, she could take flight and fill blue sky with wings, so effortlessly. This shared time, years ago, though minuscule within my life’s journey, still remains a moment of importance.

For this one brief moment of time, we were the only two living souls on Earth, having crossed that line of natural order. I seized the opportunity asking, “What is the meaning of life?” Amused by my innocence, she answered with a look of patient empathy, “In my world, it is not a question asked. I simply live. There are no poets.”

A great commotion of fluttering angelic wings broke our trance, leaving me empty handed.

I turn the page in my mind to begin another poem."

 "A Bird in the Hand" 

 dialogues & photographs 

 a book written by steven north applegate 

​ Mindfulness.

 A compilation of recollections.
 Moments of the present.

 Time & transitions.
 Complexity vs. simplicity.
 Identification, sorting of puzzle pieces.
 Promises of momentary clarity.
 Humility vs. ego.
 Light becoming dark then light again.
 Brief passages stimulating introspection.
 Risk vs. complacency.
 Red & yellow create vibrant orange.
 Divine order.

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